Mortise and tenon: the soul of Chinese ancient furniture! Beautiful Chinese beauty for thousands of years!

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The convex concave tenon and mortise lock together, two pieces of wood will tightly hold, no separation, and wood is life.

Mortise and tenon is the soul of Chinese classical furniture. Without an iron nail, the mortise and tenon structure can be used for thousands of years, and it is still strong and beautiful. In addition, beautiful and practical advantages, mortise and tenon structure revealing the connotation of yin and Yang, allelopathy, for manufacturing scale and Taoism ancestor should shun wood essence made in harmony with nature's view of the world, the world was gradually recognized. A piece of furniture not only becomes the treasure of use, appreciation and collection, but also becomes the carrier of Chinese classical philosophy and artistic conception.

Mortise and tenon is the soul hidden in wood.

A mortise and tenon, a turn ninety percent off, hidden mystery.

Mortise and tenon without a nail,

It can make Art beats nature. furniture,

A seamless heavenly robe like nature itself.

It is the essence of Chinese furniture and the foundation of Chinese architecture.

What is mortise and tenon?

It is connected with a bump in the two wooden components used, including mortise and tenon or hole, the protruding part is concave part is called the mortise tenon, or does, is the main structure of China's ancient architecture, furniture and other wooden instruments.

Visual feast of mortise and tenon

Cross combination of straight timber

Straight angle combination of arc surface

High waist shouldered mortise and tenon

National memory earlier than Chinese characters

According to the appraisal examples of Chinese ancient furniture, the Chinese mortise and tenon structure appeared in the wooden houses of ancient ancestors who lived in Hemudu Site culture 7000 years ago, even earlier than the history of Chinese characters.

National Memory

Real map

In the spring and Autumn period, in order to test whether his son was clever, Luban made a detachable toy with 6 wooden sticks, which called his son to disassemble. The son was busy overnight, and finally opened it. This toy is called the descendants of Luban lock, also known as Kong Mingsuo, do not lose the six sub party, but not difficult wood etc..

Luban lock

Luban locks, the prime minister to send locks

Sino German solution to the problem opens the door to the future

In ancient China, as long as the use of wood, whether it is a house, a door window or a piece of furniture, completely without metal nails, all the mortise and tenon, you can do up and down, left and right, thick and straight oblique connection reasonable, exhaustive.

The process is accurate, tight, perfect.

The philosophical world outlook of the ancients

Two pieces of wood, a concave convex, one Yin and one Yang, complementary symbiosis. Just like the Yin and Yang poles of Taiji, it reflects the ancient philosophy of "harmony between man and nature, and the interaction of reality and reality".

Ups and downs,

The buildings that stood for thousands of years,

What gives it eternity?

Mortise and tenon are seamless, never abandon,

The legend of the millennium,

Creating a The end of life.